Monday, 6 October 2014

Attn: Parramatta, North Sydney, Lane Cove - Google is looking for 100,000sqm HQ - are you ready?

According to AFR, Google is looking for "Sites in Sydney between 45,000 and 60,000 square metres – and scaleable up to 100,0000 square metres. That is nearly equivalent to the largest of the three skyscrapers being built by Lend Lease at Barangaroo.  Google’s desired size however means its options are limited in Sydney. It wants to be very close to public transport and within 10 kilometres of the central business district. The wildcard is the Bays Precinct."

Does this mean other regional centres (Parramatta, North Sydney, St Leonards) are already out of the race to get Google's massive HQ?  Google locating itself in one of these centres would add 10~20% floorspace (and hence jobs) to all their existing commercial floorspace in a single stroke, and be a coup for their respective council...

Paramatta council... Lane Cove council... North Sydney council ... are you doing anything to get yourself onto Google's shortlist?

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