Thursday 23 October 2014

Wozniak migrating to Sydney, hired by UTS

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak is set to join the University of Technology, Sydney, in December as an adjunct professor.He will become a key part of the UTS "Magic Lab", the university's centre for innovation and enterprise research, which conducts research into robotics and artificial intelligence.  ....Mr Wozniak has harboured intentions of moving to Australia since 2012, when he said he was going through the process of becoming an Australian citizen. (SMH)
For more details read the announcement by UTS.
This will cement Pyrmont/Ultimo as an emerging technology hub.  This district was the fastest growing employment centre in the City of Sydney Local Government Area, with a 46% increase in employment (from 19,869 jobs in 2007 to 29,010 jobs in 2012).  One example of this growth is Google, which currently occupies 20,000sqm of office floorspace in Pyrmont, but is reported to be looking to grow to as much as 100,000 sqm beyond 2018.
Along with the construction of Sydney's own "Highline", an elevated walkway along the disused Ultimo goods rail line, this area is really starting to add to the growing momentum for the expansion of Sydney's CBD westwards.

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